Hospital agreement gets partial support


The FNV trade union has negotiated a new agreement covering 200,000 hospital workers that delivers pay rises and a range of other benefits. The basic pay rise, from 1 January 2022 will be €90 a month for lower paid workers, worth around 3%, and 2% for higher paid workers. There are other provisions to allow for additional steps in the pay table and the setting of a €13-an-hour minimum wage which means that some workers will see increases of between 5% and 16.8%. A lump sum of €250 is paid along with increases to irregular shift payments and on-call allowances. There will be a €2-a-day payment for working from home and improvements to working time and training. The NU’91 trade union has not endorsed the agreement and argues that if calculated over the 19 months of the agreement then the main pay increases don’t compensate for inflation.

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