Training on digitalisation and collective bargaining


EPSU is part of a project – Our digital future – run by PSI which is offering training on digitalisation and collective bargaining in three afternoon sessions on 26 January and 2 and 9 February. The sessions will cover new tools developed as part of the project including a digital bargaining hub with information from collective agreements, a guide to negotiating data rights  and an online tool on co-governing algorithmic systems. EPSU and PSI affiliates can register here before 5 January 2023. For further information contact Richard Pond - [email protected]. The ETUI and ETUC are also organising a workshop on implementing the cross-sector agreement on digitalisation. There will be two online morning sessions on 13 and 14 February 2023. Currently the main languages on offer are English, French and Bulgarian but a fourth language might be available depending on demand. There will be a maximum of 30 participants. Registration is here by 3 February at the latest. There will be a €10 charge for participation. For further information contact Carine Boon - [email protected] - or Valerica Dumitrescu - [email protected]

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