Unions organise week of action pay, jobs and funding across public services


The FP-CGIL, UIL-PA and UIL-FPL public service federations are planning a week of action from 12-16 December with protests and strikes around the country in protest at the government’s budget for 2023. The unions argue that the budget fails to provide adequate funding across a range of services with nothing to address the cost-of-living crisis, to cover the renewal of collective agreements, to increase public employment, to end precarious contracts, to improve training and to ensure quality of services from childcare to health and social care and across local and national administration. The union demands include a call for extra funding to cover private and non-profit health and social care. Meanwhile, FP-CGIL and UIL-PA will also be joined by CISL-FP and other unions in a strike on 12 December of workers in the INL and ANPAL labour inspectorate and agency for active labour market policies. The action is in protest at the failure to guarantee employees of these agencies the same allowances as other workers within the ministry of labour. Further protests are due on 15 December, when unions representing doctors, veterinarians and health managers will demonstrate over the need for action to defend public health services with increased funding, more jobs and better pay for staff.

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