Unions sign local government agreement


The three public service federations – Fp-Cgil, Cisl-Fp and Uil-Fpl – have negotiated a new collective agreement covering 430,000 workers in local government. Workers will see pay rise by 4%-5% with the higher increases for the lower paid. There are improvements to the system of career progression and changes to the salary table. There will be new rules on remote work and a strengthening of the industrial relations system, particularly with regard to local bargaining. There is a range of improvements to leave arrangements including better compensation (pay or time off) for those working on public holidays and leave for women who are the victims of domestic violence. Meanwhile, recent mobilisation of firefighters by Fp-Cgil and Fns-Cisl has produced some progress on key demands with the interior ministry, particularly on the need for more staff. However, the major question of the renewal of the collective agreement and other issues will have to wait until the new government is in place.

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