Union rejects attempts to split health staff


The ver.di health union has reacted angrily to proposals by the Sana private healthcare group to offer pay increases for 2023 only to nursing staff. The company is also offering only one-off payments for 2022 for all staff and a 5% increase for in 2023 only for nursing staff (along with a €100 increase in the allowance for operating room and intensive care staff). The 3% pay rise planned for 2024 would go to all staff. Ver.di points that workers are already facing the prospect of inflation reaching 11.6% during 2022 and 2023. The lump sum offer for 2022 totals €3000 (€1000 for trainees) paid in seven monthly instalments but even then the company wants to deduct the state COVID bonus for nurses from this amount. Sana is offering other improvements including higher payments for night and alternating shifts but has not reacted to a range of other demands from ver.di. The union is absolutely clear about ensuring pay improvements for all staff and will make this demand in the next negotiating round on 28 September.

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