Pay rises for workers in energy and maternity care


After difficult negotiations in the energy production and supply sector the FNV trade union is asking members to vote on a collective agreement that will provide a 4% pay increase from 1 May 2022. The agreement will run for 14 months to 1 July 2023 and includes proposals to discuss how to ensure the agreement will help tackle the major challenges faced by the sector. Key to the discussions will be work pressure, policies on older workers and how to deal with the shortage of technical staff. Meanwhile, there were also challenging negotiations in the maternity sector where a new 18-month agreement is now being considered by members of the FNV and NU’91 trade unions. The agreement is backdated to 1 January 2022 and runs to 30 June 2023. The first pay increase of 3% will be applied from 1 March 2022 and a second increase of 2% will be implemented on 1 February 2023. There are also changes to the pay structure with workers benefiting from the abolition of some starting points on the scale and extra points for those with longer service.

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