Union mobilises private and non-profit workers to support public sector negotiations


Public services union ver.di organised a nationwide day of action on 6 April for employees in day-care centres, and workers providing child, youth and disability care in non-profit organisations, including churches and private employers. Various initiatives were taken including lunchtime demonstrations and photo campaigns. The aim was to underline the importance of securing better pay and conditions for workers across the sector, making work more attractive and tackling staff shortages. While the current negotiations concern the 330,000 workers directly employed by the public sector, the resulting collective agreement sets standards directly or indirectly for many workers employed by non-profit and other private sector organisations. In the second round of bargaining the VKA employers’ organisation failed to come up with a pay offer and so ver.di is mobilising in preparation for the third round of negotiations that will take place on 16-17 May.

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