Unions push bargaining agenda in health and local services


The Fp-Cgil, Cisl-Fp and Uil-Fpl public service federations report a successful mobilisation of members across public health and local services as they put pressure on the employers and government to deliver a good collective agreement and address some long-standing issues in the sectors. Delegations met with the finance and economics minister Alessandra Sartore to put the unions’ case. Along with pay rises for all workers they are looking for reforms to the pay system, funds for local bargaining and above all implementation of an emergency recruitment plan to deal with understaffing across the sectors. Further action may follow depending on how the negotiations develop. Meanwhile, energy unions FLAEI, FILCTEM and UILTEC have signed a new agreement on smart/telework with the ENEL energy company. It includes important provisions on working time, work-life balance, health and safety and the role of trade  unions.