Union frustrated after second round of bargaining


Employers failed to come up with a pay offer in the second round of collective bargaining covering approximately 330,000 employees in social services and early years education. Services union ver.di reports massive disappointment among the workers who are looking for clear initiatives to relieve overwork, improve working conditions and upgrade occupations. The union underlines the need for urgent action with significant staff shortages across the sectors. Ver.di will be considering what action to take in the lead up to the next negotiations on 16-17 May. Meanwhile, the union has negotiated a pay deal covering around 50,000 employees at the statutory health insurance company AOK and the IT service provider ITSCare. Employees will get a COVID-19 bonus of €1,100 with €550 for apprentices. The 24-month agreement includes a general 3.1% pay increase as of 1 December 2022, with a €50 increase for apprentices and other benefits.


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