Culture workers take action over grading and recruitment


The FSC-CCOO public services federation organised a protest outside the General Directorate of Public Administration on 15 October in anticipation of a series of one-day strikes by theatre and museum staff. The dispute is over two issues. The first is the demand that museum security staff should be on the E2 pay grade and not the only group of workers stuck on the E1 grade. The second issue relates to access to technical jobs at the INAEM cultural agency and the failure to recognise certain training and qualification. FSC-CCOO argues that the INAEM should be fully integrated into the IV agreement on staff, a move that would tackle a range of grievances, including the gender pay gap in the agency. After the first strike on 21 October, further action was due on 28 October and 12 and 19 November, coinciding with premieres in state theatres.