Coalition agreement includes some positive plans on bargaining and union rights


Services union ver.di has had mixed reactions to the coalition agreement between the social democrats, greens and liberal FDP party who are set to form the next government. The union sees some positive elements in relation to workers’ rights and collective bargaining including proposed measures to close any gaps in company co-determination and deliver the electronic right of access to workers for trade unions. The union has also welcomed the decision not to press ahead with plans that would have allowed for opening clauses for longer working hours and shorter rest periods via company agreements. This will now only be possible on the basis of collective agreements which, of course, ver.di is committed not to sign. Depending on the details, ver.di is also pleased about the planned legislation on employers sticking to sector agreements and measures that would prevent employers using restructuring to shift away from collective agreements they don’t like. Finally, the promise of allocating €1 billion as a bonus to employees, who have been particularly burdened by the pandemic was seen as positive with a call for it to be paid out promptly to all occupational groups in hospitals, geriatric care, rehabilitation facilities and assistance for the disabled.

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