Pay rises for many health and social care workers but negotiations to continue


Following almost three months of intensive negotiations, 80% of employees in health and social care will receive pay increases of between 4% and 24% this month. However, such are the staffing and workload problems in these sectors, that further negotiations will take place in January to address workloads as well as the fact that some health and care staff are not covered by the initial agreement. Existing staffing shortages have been made worse as health and social staff have left the sector because of the stress and overwork resulting from the pandemic.  Around 35000 healthcare, social care and support staff will get increases with some, such as intensive care nurses moving up six grades in the salary scale. However, some staff are still on pay rates that are close to the national minimum wage. Therefore further bargaining will be needed to tackle this issue as well as getting improvements to other payments such as higher allowances for working nights, holidays and on Sundays and dealing with the pressures faced by the many women workers who are also carers but often work late and/or at weekends.

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