Joint review underlines value of crisis agreement


Trade unions and employer organisations in public services have reviewed the impact of the crisis agreement that was negotiated to regulate pay and conditions of employees working during critical events such as natural disasters, fires and floods, pandemics or acts of terrorism. It covers approximately 1.2 million employees in municipalities, regions and municipal companies, including healthcare, care, school, infrastructure and emergency services. Initially, negotiated following major forest fires, the agreement has also been implemented during the COVID pandemic. The review found it was absolutely crucial to help cope with staffing during the pandemic. The agreement has since been updated to strengthen protection of workers, allowing more time to recover after long hours, increased compensation and a time limit on how long an employee can work on the basis of the agreement. A further review will be carried out of the new provisions. Municipal union Kommunal underlines that the agreement is intended for extraordinary crises and it not a way for employers to solve understaffing or peaks in workloads in general.

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