ETUC highlights impact of energy price rises on low paid


An ETUC analysis shows that almost three million people low-paid workers across Europe can’t afford to heat their homes. The ETUC estimates that even before expected further increases in energy prices 15% of Europe’s working poor won’t be able to turn on the heating – equivalent to 2,713,578 people across Europe. The analysis also shows that the situation has deteriorated in 10 EU member states over the last decade. With the directive on adequate minimum wages now being discussed in the European Council and Parliament, the ETUC argues that energy price rises make strong EU action on wages even more urgent. In particular, the ETUC wants to see a ‘threshold of decency’ in the directive which would ensure that statutory minimum wages could never be paid at less than 60% of the median wage and 50% of the average wage of any member state. EPSU has joined with other "right to energy" campaigners in calling for action on energy prices. 

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