Unions set out key issues for central government negotiations


During the second round of negotiations in central government the trade unions raised a number of issues that they want to see addressed. This includes the need to carry out a detailed review of the measures on worker and trade union participation introduced in the last national collective agreement (2016-2018) and to ensure their full effectiveness and enforceability to strengthen the involvement of employees and their representatives in organisational matters that impact on the employment relationship. This includes, for example, the workings of the joint innovation committee that will deal with the Pact for innovation in public work and social cohesion, signed early this year. The other issues include: improved professional and career development taking account of the political commitments in the Pact for innovation; aspects related to the staff classification and grading system and pay structure; updating provisions sickness absences and protection against serious diseases, working time and flexibility and shift work; and regulation of agile/smart working.

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