Unions renegotiate crisis agreement


Unions representing workers across municipalities and regions are negotiating with the SKR and Sobona employer organisations on changes to the crisis agreement. The aim is to ensure that the agreement is better adapted to longer crisis situations, based on experience from the pandemic. The crisis agreement can be activated temporarily by the employers in special crisis situations and means that regular working hours are increased at the same time as staff receive higher compensation. The agreement also allows for special emergency overtime and relocation of staff. It was drawn up with short-term crises in mind, such as forest fires, terrorist attacks or major traffic accidents. The pandemic has shown that it can be the same people who work in crisis situations, month in and month out and so there must be an opportunity for recovery and crisis support and communication and dialogue in the workplace are crucial. Negotiations began on 17 May and the intention is for a new agreement to be signed by 31 May.

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