Unions reject 1.5% pay offers in local government and higher education


Trade unions representing workers in local government and non-teaching staff in schools and higher education have rejected the 1.5% pay offers made by employers across these sectors. In local government and schools unions were looking for a 10% pay rise to begin to restore the loss of purchasing power over more than 10 years of pay freezes and below-inflation increases. They also argue that the pay offer is an insult in view of the efforts made by workers during the pandemic. In higher education the unions had claimed a GBP 2500 (EUR 2900) annual increase and minimum hourly wage of GBP 10 (EUR 11.60). While the overall 1.5% pay offer includes higher increases for lower paid workers it would still only deliver a minimum of GBP 9.50 (EUR 11.05) an hour. The unions are also unhappy that the employers have not responded to demands to ensure a 35-hour week for all and measures to tackle outsourcing.

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