Unions sign innovation pact in public administration


The three confederations – Cgil, Csil and Uil – have signed a pact for innovation on public employment and social cohesion with the government that sets out the main areas for negotiation across the public services. The unions see the agreement as an important political framework that affirms that public services are a resource for the country and that revitalisation of public administration must be through the involvement of public service workers and through the enhancement of their jobs and working conditions. The pact follows a series of recent mobilisations and a national public sector strike last December. The document sets out the main headings for future negotiations that should seek to increase and stabilise employment and support training, particularly in digital skills. There is also a a commitment of resources to establishing a new job classification system and negotiate new guidelines on smart working. National agreements will seek to regulate the protection of trade union rights, the right to disconnect, protection of personal data and other benefits and employment conditions, such as supplementary pensions. The aim will also be to strengthen the industrial relations systems to improve dialogue with trade unions, with a focus on health and safety at work.

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