Church-based care provider rejects sector minimum wage


Caritas, the church-based care provider, has rejected the proposal to extend a new collective agreement to the whole of the eldercare sector which employs over 1 million workers. The agreement was recently negotiated between the ver.di services union and the BVAP eldercare employers’ organisation (see EPSU Collective Bargaining News February 2021 No.4) and sets a range of minimum standards for pay and leave. It means pay increases of 25% for some workers by 2023. Ver.di and the BVAP applied to the labour ministry for the agreement to be declared generally binding for the whole sector and this depended on support from the other main employers in the sector. Caritas’s rejection blocks this and ver.di argues that this plays into the hands of the private, for-profit employers that ver.di sees as responsible for low pay in the sector.

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