Civil service union secures 13% pay rise over three years


PCS, the largest union in the civil service, has negotiated a three-year deal covering workers in the HMRC department (revenues and customs), the third largest section of the civil service with around 60000 workers. The deal includes an average 13% increase in pay over three years: with 3% paid in March 2021 and backdated to June 2020; a further 5% payable from June 2021; and a further 5% payable from June 2022. The pay award is significantly weighted towards providing major increases for the lowest paid. The agreement also allows for significant progression through the various pay ranges for all staff, with around half the workforce moving to new, enhanced range maxima. There are many other provisions including a new flexible working hours agreement; harmonisation of the working week at 37 hours; two days a week optional telework; harmonised annual leave starting at 25 days with a maximum of 30 days; improvements in parental leave and more.

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