Region votes for minimum wage as health workers take action


Public services union vpod/ssp has welcomed the referendum result which means that the Basel city region will implement a minimum wage of CHF 21 (EUR 19.20) per hour. The regional government will have to implement the result, including in public companies. The vpod says that the region pays some of its employees below the subsistence level, even though it supported the introduction of a minimum wage. The regional government must now start talks with the vpod’s Basel region and other social partners in order to implement the initiative quickly. The union argues that it is not just wages below CHF 21 per hour that have to be adjusted but also those just above the minimum need to be raised in order to maintain the wage structure. The vpod is concerned that action needs to be taken quickly in hospitals and the care sector where there is a problem of low pay. Meanwhile, hospitals workers in the Vaud/Waadt region are set to strike on 23 June over pay, COVID bonuses and understaffing.

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