Pay deal for workers in private and non-profit sectors and pensions win in Red Cross


Public sector unions have negotiated a wage settlement with the Virke employers’ organisation that includes private and non-profit companies delivering public services. The deal is in line with the settlement in the government sector, with a 2.7% pay increase but with a flat rate payment of NOK 1,500 (EUR 145) at all salary levels, backdated to 1 May. In addition, there is NOK 4,000 (EUR 390) for the lower paid and an equal pay supplement starting at NOK 3,800 (EUR 370) and falling by NOK 200 (EUR 20) for each move up the salary scale. A further 1.8% is set aside for local negotiations, with effect from 1 July. The settlement so far covers education and culture while an agreement covering companies with a salary structure similar to the municipal sector and the hospitals are postponed until the results of negotiations in the public sector and with the Spekter employers’ organisation are finalised. Meanwhile, a four-week strike by employees of the Red Cross has paid off as it has stopped the employer making unilateral changes to the pension scheme.

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