Childcare workers in action

Italy Netherlands

Following a national day of action on 18 June, workers in childcare, playgroups and after-school care will begin a campaign of industrial action in the Netherlands from 23 June. Different workplaces will be targeted at different times and various forms of strikes and other industrial action will be organised. The action is over excessive workloads and has been launched following the failure of the BMK and BK employer organisations to respond to an ultimatum from the FNV trade union. The union is warning that employees’ wellbeing is under threat and the quality of service will be compromised if action is not taken. The union has made several proposals for reducing the workload, such as cutting the number of children in a group and hiring extra staff, but the employers have not agreed to any of them. Meanwhile, in Italy childcare workers organised a online event on 16 June as part of a campaign against outsourcing of childcare provision and on 18 June 2021 and in Venice, parents and workers have joined in a rotating hunger strike in protest at the municipalities plans to privatise childcare.

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