Unions sign three-year deal with social welfare organisation


Public service federations – Fp-Cgil, Cisl-Fp and Uil-Fpl – have signed a collective agreement with the Misericordie non-profit association that delivers various health and social services. The agreement covers the period 2017-2019 and delivers an EUR 85 a month increase which brings the agreement in line with that negotiated by the ANPAS national association for social assistance. Workers will also get a EUR 1200 lump sum that will be paid in four instalments by January 2022 and vouchers to the value of Eur 200 to be paid around Christmas. A productivity bonus will be suspended pending integration of Misericordie into the ANPAS agreement for 2020-22 but will be reinstated if that agreement is not signed by September next year. A working group will be set up to look at harmonising pension arrangements between Misericordie and ANPAS.

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