Strikes in hospitals continue while arbitration imposed in local government


The UNIO trade union confederation whose members cover workers with higher education has been pushing for higher pay deals in three negotiations – national local government, Oslo municipality and public companies represented by the employers’ organisation, Spekter. The NSF nurses’ union is one of UNIO’s members involved in the strikes and negotiations and they are calling for higher pay for nurses to tackle major staff shortages. The government has stepped in to end strikes in local government and the Oslo municipality on the grounds, rejected by the trade unions, that the actions pose a threat to life and health. There will be arbitration over both agreements but the strike in Spekter companies continues. With inflation and pay increases averaging 3.1%, the unions argue that the employer’s offer will mean a real cut in pay. Meanwhile, members of the Fagforbundet trade union are on strike to prevent the Red Cross from changing pension provision in a way that will guarantee neither a pension for life nor gender equality.

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