Health union exposes reality of COVID payments

Czech Republic

The OSZSP health and social care union has revealed widespread problems with the COVID bonuses that should have been paid to staff across health and social care. The union managed to negotiate a range of different additional payments for hospital workers, paramedics, social care staff and other workers in these sectors. For example, healthcare professionals in hospitals can get up to CZK 25000 (EUR 975) a month (maximum CZK 75000, EUR 2920) and other hospital workers up to CZK 10000 (EUR 390) a month (maximum CZK 30000, EUR 1170). However, OSZSP says that workers have rarely got the higher payments, have often seen payments delayed or not paid and also not taken into account in average pay for holiday purposes. Furthermore, the union says that some health providers have use the money for the special payments to pay overtime or cover other health costs.

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