All public service unions sign new telework agreement


On 13 July all nine trade union federations in the public service signed a new agreement on telework covering the whole of the public sector. The framework agreement requires employers across the three pillars of the public sector – local authorities, ministries and hospital services – to begin negotiations to implement the agreement at local level by 31 December this year. The agreement covers all the key issues relating to the voluntary nature and reversibility of telework, health and safety, gender equality, data security and privacy and working time and the right to disconnect. The modalities of the right to disconnect are left to agreements negotiated at the appropriate level. Full-time workers can work up to three days a week from home or an appropriate alternative place. A telework supplement is payable of EUR 2.50 a day with a maximum payment of EUR 220 for the year. These amounts apply to the ministries and hospital services but the specific amount for local authorities are left to local negotiations.

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