Health workers set to get more uniform pay system


The government and ministry of health have started to work on drawing up a more unified public sector pay system that will impact on healthcare in particular. Currently, there is considerable scope for variation of pay and allowances across the country. This had led to significant internal migration by health workers which has increased during the pandemic. Allowances for working in rural areas can vary from nothing to 25%, for example, while additional payments for night work range from 20% to 50%. The relationship between basic and total salary can also vary significantly. There is some concern about the implementation of a major salary review without any additional funding for the sector and whether regional variations in pay might be reduced by cutting pay or allowances in higher paid regions. The health workers’ union has submitted proposals for the reforms and it is likely that the government will work on the changes during 2021, with initial changes to salaries not implemented before January 2022 and fully phased in by 2025.


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