Large backing for four-day week across Scottish government


Nearly nine out of 10 workers in Scottish government support the move to a four-day week according to research by the Autonomy think tank. The report’s findings suggest that moving to a four-day week would boost productivity to such an extent that many departments could make the change without having to employ new staff. The research shows a range of benefits for the government, including better retention and recruitment of staff, being seen as a pioneer in setting new working time standards for the Scottish economy; and having a healthier workforce. PCS, the main civil service union, which is supporting the research argues that the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that it is possible to work in ways that many employers said weren’t possible before. It argues that the move can also be positive for the economy and the environment. PCS is calling on the Scottish Government to lead the way on the four-day week by working with the union to make these possibilities into realities.

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