Confederation sets off on long march to highlight bargaining demands


The KESK public sector confederation has rejected the offer made by the government for public sector wide pay increases in 2022 and 2023. The Ministry of Labour offered increases of 5% and 6% in 2022 and two increases of 6% in 2023 with further adjustments for inflation. However, KESK has already highlighted the extent to which public sector pay has fallen behind inflation (currently over 17%) and it also questions whether the official inflation figure really reflects living costs for most workers. However, the confederation is also disappointed that the public sector pay talks fail to address a wide range of other issues such as job security, decent pay and precarious employment conditions. Union access to the talks is also restricted as only one confederation is involved, Memur Sen and this is close to the government. KESK has organised two marches to the capital Ankara to highlight its collective bargaining agenda. One will start in Batman, a city in the Southeast region, and the other in Edirne, a city in the Western region, joining in a demonstration in Ankara on 20 August.

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