Municipal service companies pose different challenges for unions


The SINTAP public service trade union has negotiated a new collective agreement with the Inova company that provides waste, water and other municipal services in Cantanhede in the Coimbra district. The union highlights in particular the progressive reduction of working hours in 2022 and 2023 to 35 a week; changes to the timing of night work; additional holiday entitlement – an extra day for each 10 years of service and general increase in annual leave to 25 by 2023. There will also be increases to meal and other allowances as well as higher pay. In contrast, the STAL local government union, supported by the FIQUIEMETAL industrial union is continuing its campaign of “public tribunals” focusing on the poor pay and conditions and lack of collective bargaining rights in the EGF/Mota&Engil group. The latest action on 2 August focused on the Resinorte waste company.

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