Pay rises for health workers in Helios and SRH clinics


After the third round of bargaining, the ver.di services union has secured a new 24-month agreement covering around 21,000 employees at the clinic operator Helios. There will be a 3.8% increase in total with a 1.4% rise in April this year, 2.0% in April 2022 and a further 0.4 percent in November 2022. Employees will also receive a EUR 400 corona bonus (trainees EUR 100) as well as an additional day off in recognition of the extra work during the pandemic. Working hours at the eastern German Helios locations will be reduced to the western level from January 1, 2023. A care allowance of EUR 100-300 a month will also be reinstated. Meanwhile, ver.di negotiated a new two-year agreement covering 8500 employees of the SRH group of clinics. The agreement runs to 31 December 2022 and provides for a 2.3% increase as of 1 April 2021 but with a minimum increase of EUR 60, benefitting lower paid workers. There is a further 2.3% increase (minimum EUR 60) on 1 April 2022 and a final 1.3% rise on 1 September 2022. Night shift payments are increased and there is another tax-free corona bonus of EUR 150 (pro-rata for part-time employees but with a EUR 100 minimum) and EUR 100 for apprentices.

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