Unions set to mobilise across water company


Unions in the AdP – Águas de Portugal – water company will be planning mobilisations and potential strike action unless the company responds to some key demands. The STAL trade union reports that many issues have remained unsolved for several years. Unions accuse the company of making excuses for its failure to properly implement the collective agreement signed almost two and a half years ago, with no pay rise since November 2018 and no plans to introduce the allowance for dangerous and arduous work that it now being applied across many municipalities.  The unions submitted a review of the collective agreement a year ago but have received no response from the company. The unions have called for management to propose concrete measures at the next meeting set for 1 April, including recognition of the work done by AdP employees throughout the pandemic. Local meetings have been called across the company to discuss what action to take if there is no breakthrough.

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