Unions mobilise in childcare and energy sectors


Trade unions in the childcare sector organised a day of action on 30 March in protest at government proposals that they say would lead to a deterioration in service quality and working conditions. The unions are concerned about the prospect of an increase in staff/children ratios and failure to address issues related to skills, pay and career development. Meanwhile, in the latest stage of their campaign against the restructuring of the energy sector, the four trade unions – FNME-CGT, CFE-CGC Énergies, FO Énergie et Mines and FCE-CFDT – have called for a day of strike action and protests on 8 April – the 75th anniversary of the nationalisation of the gas and electricity industries. The unions are concerned that the government is going ahead with plans to divide the main energy provider, EDF, into three sections which could lead to privatisation of certain segments with serious implications for workers’ pay and conditions and for the quality of service to citizens. This is the lasts in a series of actions that have been reported in the EPSU Collective Bargaining Newsletter (November 2020, January and February 2021).

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