Report reveals impact of energy deregulation on working conditions


A survey of the membership of the SEKO trade union in the energy sector reveals that the working environment has deteriorated in the years since deregulation. It found problems with, among other things, risks of working alone, stress and increasing overtime. The survey identified differences between those directly employed by energy companies and those working for construction companies where 54% believe that their work environment is negatively affected by the current procurement system, compared with 34% of those who are employed by a plant owner. Furthermore, in construction companies, 42% of workers believe that overtime work has increased in recent years compared with 28% of those employed by a plant owner. Seko has developed five key demands: stop risky solitary work; increase in-house staff and a have unified approach to skills supply; ensure main contractor responsibility; include safety and security costs in procurement documents and appoint a parliamentary inquiry into the consequences of deregulation.

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