New agreement but also union action in non-profit sector and childcare


A new agreement between unions, employers and the Flemish government has delivered a range of benefits for workers in various health and social services in the non-profit sector. Overall, there will be the equivalent of 3,716 new posts to help tackle high workloads. There will be a general 1.7% increase in wages but with some additional increases for those on the lowest pay rates and those will long service. In elderly care, the rehabilitation sector, psychiatric care homes and sheltered living initiatives, there will be a new pay structure from 1 July 2021, bringing pay rates in alignment with those in the hospital sector and home nursing. Meanwhile, unions organising in the non-profit sector in the Brussels region mobilised on 31 March in support of a claims for improvements in pay and working time – with the aim of a 6% on the pay-bill and six extra days of leave along with other measures. Finally, trade unions representing workers in childcare and related services were planning action on 1 April to call on the government of the Brussels-Wallonia federation to take part in negotiations to address the urgent needs of the sector in relation to under-investment, staffing levels, pay and working conditions.

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