Health workers in Scotland offered 4% pay rise


In contrast to the 1% increase on the table in England, health trade unions in Scotland are considering a 4% pay offer. This would be backdated to 1 December 2020 and cover the period to 31 March 2022. The lowest pay rates (up to around GBP 25000 pa (EUR 29000)) would get a GBP 1009 (EUR 1180) increase worth 5.46% for the lowest paid. The 4% applies to pay rates from GBP 25000 to around GBP 50000 (EUR 58500) and higher rates get lower increases. Health trade unions have been calling for higher pay rises, not just in recognition of the efforts of staff during the pandemic but also as a crucial measure to address longstanding staff shortages. The 4% offer has inspired health unions in England to step up their pressure on the government to improve on its 1% pay offer.

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