Municipal union sets out key negotiating demands


The Kommunal municipal workers’ union has submitted its claims for this year’s delayed negotiations with the SKR and Sobona employer organisations. The union is underlining that its key demands on pay, working hours and other conditions are fundamental to recognise the efforts made by local and regional government workers and health and social care staff in dealing with last year’s fires and the current pandemic. Kommunal is calling for a 3% pay rise for all workers with an additional 0.5% distributed locally to vocationally trained groups in health care, schools and care. The agreement should also be backdated recognising that the delayed negotiations have left workers waiting since spring for a pay rise. Other demands include permanent contracts for fixed-term employees with vocational training after 12 months; more sustainable working hours; a reduction in split shifts; full-time work as the norm; shorter weekly hours (32) for night work; more and better leave and an end to the waiting period for sick pay.

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