Unions secure pay rises for 2.3 million public service workers


Ver.di and other public service unions have negotiated what is seen as respectable deal in a challenging bargaining environment that delivers a 1.4% pay rise for all workers on 1 April 2021 with a further 1.8% increase in April 2022. The agreement runs until 21 December 2022. The pay increase in 2021 is backed with a 50 Euro a month minimum which means that the lowest paid workers will see pay increase by 2.59%. Meanwhile, nursing staff will get 70 Euros a month additional payment from March 2021, rising to 120 Euros in 2022. Other payments for health and care workers include an increase in the intensive care allowance from 46.02 Euro to 100 Euro and a 45 Euro increase in the shift allowance taking it to 155 Euro. Care staff working in institutions like homes for the elderly will get a 25 Euro-a-month allowance while doctors are set to get an additional 300 Euro from March 2021.


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