Boost to pay across health, social services and local government


The Kommunal municipal services union believes that the recent deal in local and regional government – the largest collective agreement in the country – will deliver real benefits for the women-dominated sector and help address the recruitment challenge in health and social care. The 41-month agreement will run until 31 March 2024 and includes general pay rises of 2% in 2020 (worth on average SEK 520 (EUR 50), a further 2% (SEK 530 (EUR 51)) in 2021 and 1.4% (SEK 380 (EUR 37)) in 2022. There will be an additional 0.6% in each of the three years for vocationally trained occupations and a lump sum of SEK 5,500 (EUR 535) in the first year for all employees. The pay increase in 2023 will be negotiated later.  Improvements in conditions include shorter night work hours down from 36.2 hours a week to 34.2; an offer of permanent employment to those on temporary contracts after 18 months rather than 24; and extra holiday entitlement linked to leave arranged at employer’s request.
Kommunal (SW)

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