Care workers to get £500 bonus


The Welsh government has said that all care workers will get a £500 (EUR 570) bonus in recognition of the work they have been doing during the COVID-19 crisis. Trade unions have welcomed the payment which will go to all carers whether employed by local authorities, non-profit providers or private companies. Meanwhile, local government employers have said that a 2.75% pay rise is their final offer but that they will approach central government for more funding for next year. The largest local government union, UNISON, wants a joint approach to central government and will only consult members on the 2.75% offer once it is fully informed about the employers’ funding demands for next year. Non-uniformed police staff are also in negotiations and the main claims is for an increase of 6.5% or £1200 (EUR 1370) a year, whichever is higher.

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