Major increases in non-profit and private healthcare


Health union ver.di has negotiated very large pay increases in a local agreement with the non-profit ASB ambulance service in Löbau in Saxony. There will be pay rises of 25%-35% in 2021 followed by a further 8.3% over the next three years so that pay will match the public sector by 2024. Working time will be reduced from 48 to 40 hours a week. This follows a similar deal in Görlitz in the same region. Ver.di hopes that these are setting examples for others to follow. Meanwhile the union has also negotiated a new 18-month agreement covering 4500 employees in 34 institutions run by the Paracelsus private company. The agreement is backdated to January 2020 with a 2.2% pay increase, followed by a 2.0% increase in January 2021. There will also be a EUR 110 increase on the payment for trainees while the acute care allowance is increased by EUR 75. There will be an additional three days' of pay leave during the period of the agreement but this applies only to ver.di members.

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