2020 EPSU Collective Bargaining News July no.14


  • Belgium: Unions secure €1 billion for health workers' pay and conditions
  • Spain: Unions challenge government to implement agreements
  • Austria: Unions make progress with "health offensive" campaign
  • Portugal: COVID-19 benefits for health workers
  • Ireland: Union wants working time to feature in telework debate
  • UK: Health unions come together to call for early pay settlement
  • Netherlands: 5% for library workers but no agreement in central government
  • Sweden: Unions make joint call for change in eldercare
  • Denmark: Union warns of eldercare staffing crisis
  • Nordic: Nordic unions coordinate their anti-austerity message
  • France: Mixed reaction to proposals on pay and jobs in health and social care
  • Europe: Round-up of COVID-19 bonuses
  • Germany: Company agrees special pandemic fund
  • Israel: Nurses threaten national strike over understaffing and low pay