Key private sector deal sets pace for bargaining round


The Co-Industri group of manufacturing unions has negotiated a new three-year agreement covering 230,000 workers in the private sector and setting the pace for the current bargaining round. The agreement includes a number of significant improvements in areas like work-life balance (paternity and parental leave), sick pay (14 weeks on full pay, up from nine), training and education and pensions, with pension accrual starting from 18. The share of salary that workers can exchange for other benefits (pensions, leave etc.) will increase from 4% to 7%. Over the three-year period the hourly minimum rate will increase by DKK 7,50 (EUR 1) from the current DKK 119.65 (EUR 16.02) to DKK 127.15 (EUR  17.02) in March 2022.

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