2019 November EPSU Collective Bargaining News 21


  • Spain: Care workers fight for better conditions and services
  • Netherlands: Overwhelming support builds for hospital strike
  • UK: Unions call for 10% pay rise for local government workers
  • Austria: Workloads feature in public sector negotiations
  • Norway: Unions secure pensions and pay improvements for health workers
  • Germany: Union condemns health company's anti-strike actions
  • France: Health, social care and finance ministry workers take action
  • Ukraine: Thousands protest over education spending and workers' pay
  • Spain: Health union mobilises for action on pay system
  • Europe: ETUC highlights benefits of work-life balance directive
  • Italy: Federations set out joint demands for public administration renewal
  • Switzerland: Health and social care workers plan for strike action
  • UK: Unions strike over outsourcing