2019 May epsucob@NEWS 10


  • France: Unions unite in public sector strike and action day
  • Greece: Health workers take action over jobs, pay and funding
  • Croatia: Unions win right to demand referendum on pensions
  • Europe: Key ruling on working time
  • Italy: Unions set out key demands to private health employers
  • Netherlands: Unions mobilise for major pensions protest on 29 May
  • Sweden: Union secures major pay improvements for part-time firefighters
  • Austria: Care unions launch campaign over night work
  • UK: Striking care workers get employer to negotiate
  • Ireland: Union looks to take initiative on reversing working hours increase
  • Germany: Doctors' union considers further action if no progress in negotiations
  • Netherlands: Municipal unions consider action as employers miss deadline
  • Spain: Union calls for pay rise to be paid and other rights to be restored
  • Portugal: Unions maintain campaign over pay, pensions and other conditions