2019 March epsucob@NEWS 06


  • Germany: Large pay rises for regional government workers
  • Spain: Unions sign deal covering workers in central administration
  • Austria: Additional pay rises for 17000 healthcare workers
  • Italy: Unions to step up action in private health care
  • Netherlands: Union regards hospital employers' offer as completely unacceptable
  • Romania: Health union continues mobilisation over pay and collective agreement
  • UK: Report highlights pay inequality in civil service linked to gender share in employment
  • Sweden:  unions look to negotiate collective agreement covering disaster work
  • Ireland: Union focuses on inflation and increases for specific grades
  • Norway: Unions look for further boost for low paid
  • Switzerland: Union makes series of demands to tackle gender discrimination in health
  • Denmark: Survey shows majority support for action on pay inequality
  • France: Unions and students mobilise for 19 March
  • Europe: European minimum wage policy could move up agenda