2019 June epsucob@NEWS 11


  • UK: Two groups of outsourced workers take action
  • Spain: Unions sign agreement to return to 35-hour week
  • Germany: Keeping private health pay in line with public sector
  • Portugal: Inspectors on strike over changes to career structure
  • Finland: Unions gearing up to ensure end of working hours increase
  • Denmark: Union plans action against private care company
  • Europe: Analysis shows most workers not seeing benefits of increased productivity
  • Ireland: Union gets confirmation of funding for pay rises in non-profit health and social care
  • Netherlands: Tough negotiations in hospitals and mental health
  • Europe: Report puts spotlight on Commission's approach to social dialogue
  • Europe: Survey reveals key factors for well-being at work
  • Italy: Unions take private health dispute to ministry
  • Europe: Patent office union threatens strike action in June
  • Norway: Unions take action over pension equality