2019 July EPSU Collective Bargaining News 13


  • France: Emergency health staff take action
  • Czech Republic: Health union challenges government over pay and funding
  • Spain: Another bargaining breakthrough for health union
  • Ukraine: Unions criticise massive threat to local government jobs
  • Sweden: Union negotiates agreement covering critical situations
  • Italy: Unions continue fight for new private health agreement
  • Switzerland: Union sets out demands after women's strike
  • Netherlands: Mental health care workers get 8.38% increase over 2.5 years
  • Austria: More pay, holidays and allowances for emergency workers
  • Norway: Municipalities work with unions to tackle social dumping
  • Germany: Unions secure 3.7% increase for energy workers
  • Europe: Right to strike updates - many countries infringe social charter
  • Europe: ETUC calls for European action on workplace temperatures
  • Europe: International workers protest over threat to pensions