Survey reveals pressure on nurses and eldercare workers


A survey by the ver.di services trade union and DGB trade union confederation reveals sharp differences between occupations when it comes to workloads and stress. Four out of five nurses say that they often feel harassed because of excessive workloads. This is higher than the 69% of eldercare workers and well above the 55% registered across all occupations. There are similar differences when it comes to employees saying that have to cut corners on quality to ensure service delivery. This was the case for 49% of nurses, 42% of eldercare workers but only 22% of all occupations. Not surprising then that only 23% of nurses and 20% of eldercare workers can imagine staying to normal retirement age compared to 48% of all workers. Ver.di has called on the government to legislate on safe staffing levels but has rejected the latest proposal on this from the health minister.

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